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The Jewish civilization is one of the oldest on earth. It exists for four millennia and is likely to continue for a few more. It is defined by the ability of Jews to live among other civilizations and yet maintain a separate identity. What is this identity? Koneczny tries to answer this question in this volume. He points out that Jews have a double ethic, a different one in Palestine and a different one in the diaspora, a different one when dealing with Jews and a different one when dealing with gentiles. It struggles between monotheism and monolatry, the latter being a form of polytheism where there is a cult on one God and an acceptance that other peoples have other gods.

            Jews appear to be in all parties, on all sides of any conflict, but after the conflict is settled the Jews on the winning side make sure that no harm comes to Jews on the loosing site, regardless of what kind of believers or even atheists they are. This type of solidarity helps them to survive among the gentiles. 

The Jewish Civilization

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    Publication Date: 2/2/2021

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