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Koneczny never wrote a book on the Latin civilization but he wrote about the civilization in all his works. The present volume is a compilation of texts on the Latin civilization left by Koneczny. The Latin civilization is what is generally referred to as the Western civilization, but Koneczny preferred the term ‘Latin’ to include areas that were under the Romans, thus excluding Germany. The Latin civilization developed on the basis of Greek philosophy, Roman law and Christian ethic. It allows Church to interfere in state matters. It demands that all walks of life be under the same one and only ethic, the ethic of the Catholic Church, including state policies, which differs it from the Byzantine civilization (including Germany) that does not require states to be ethical. Some Protestant states, e.g. Britain, remained Latin because they consider ethic important also in state affairs and recognize subsidiarity.

In Poland there are four civilizations struggling with each other, the Latin, the Turanian, the Byzantine and the Jewish. Koneczny believes that Poland, and most of Europe and Americas are primarily Latin and speaks for the defence of the Latin civilization against encroachments by others. He is a great propagator of the Latin civilization. 898 pages.

The Latin Civilization

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