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Since early youth Koneczny was convinced that there is such thing as laws in history. He sought for them throughout his professional life as a historian. On retirement he spelled out his findings in this volume. He defined several laws of history such as that it is not possible to be civilized in two different ways. There is no such thing as synthesis of two or more civilizations. They must be constantly in combat for supremacy. Equality between civilizations is impossible because people are not equal. When there is a mixing of civilizations the lower one wins because it is less demanding. Koneczny considered the Latin civilization as the highest because it is most demanding of its adherents. It has to be constantly and consciously defended against encroachments by other civilizations. Koneczny observed that private property is possible only in a monogamous system. This brings personalism, so important in the Latin civilization. 

The Laws of History

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    Publication Date: 2/2/2021

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