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Koneczny was preparing himself to write a book on the Turanian civilization covering the topic from the Mongols to Turks and to Russia, but he never produced it. However he wrote much about the Turanian civilization in all his works, particularly when writing about Russia. The present volume is a compilation of texts on the civilizational development of Russia from its original Slav roots, through the Nordic invasions of the Rus, to Byzantine influences, primarily religious, and finally to the invasion of the Mongols which placed an indelible mark on Russia. Following the Mongols Russia became a state with one-man rule. The ruler is exempt from ethical evaluations and is obeyed. His value is judged by the number of successful conquest he makes. The whole country is run as military camp, with loose family links, often changing location, basically nomadic in style. There is total religious indifference provided religions do not interfere with the state. The civilization includes also the Cossack subculture. 

The Turanian Civilization of Russia

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    Publication Date: 2/2/2021

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